Life Group Ministry

Our Life Group (LG) ministry is at the heart of all we do. We truly believe that life change takes place best in the context of small groups. We also believe that as a church we grow larger by growing smaller – that is why our LG ministry is so important. God created each of us with a desire to be in community with others. LG’s are age-based, small groups designed to promote worship, evangelism, discipleship, and fellowship. Life groups meet regularly for Bible study, fellowship, and outreach to encourage participants to “connect” and “do life together” in their journey of faith.

 Guide to all life group classes

Messengers - Office Conference Room Dan McCoy (Adults)

Heritage Class - Library - Jim Buckalew & Eldon Hamrick (Adults)

WOW (Women of Worship) - Room 205 - Debbie Hassler & Judith Joinville(Women) 

Frontline Families - Room 203 - Dave Piatt (Families)

Walk by Faith - Room 204 - Matt Burrows (Couples 18-35)

Joint Venture:  2 as 1 - Room 202 - John Taylor (Couples 20’s-30’s)

Resolution Room 304Mark Unruh (College & Career)

BLAZE (Middle School & Senior High) - Upper Room -  Pastor Pat Fowler (9th - 12th) & Pastor Josh Trotter (6th - 8th)

4th & 5th Grades - Room 6 - Steven Wilson

2nd & 3rd Grades - Room 4 - Bill Ritter

Kindergarten & 1st Grade - Room 1 - Carolyn McCoy

Preschool (3- & 4-Year-Olds) - Room 5 - Bonnie Travers & Mary Goldsborough

Infants, Toddlers - Nursery - Donna Henry (Director)

Two Year Olds - Room 2—  Peggy Halstead

A Life Group Map will be available for each class located at the Welcome Desk.

 Messenger Class

Most attendees in this Life Group are age 45 or above but we welcome adults of any age, single or married.  Lessons are designed for practical Christian living in today’s world and are presented to challenge us, teacher included, to be what we ought to be for the Lord. In addition, we plan periodic social activities to get to know one another better.  We meet at 9:30 in the Library for an old fashioned hymn sing. At 9:50, we move to our class in the Church office Conference Room. Come and let us make you feel at home this coming Sunday in our Life Group. We think you’ll be Glad you did!                                                                                                                                                                                                         Leaders: Dan McCoy Sr.

 Heritage Class

Members of the Heritage Class would like to offer an invitation to any attender of FBC to join us for a time of Bible Study and Fellowship. We are made up of folks that are friendly and caring. Our group commonly includes members that are known as “Empty Nesters” and range from the 50’s on up in age.                                                                                                                                                                      Leaders: Jim Buckalew & Eldon Hamrick

 Women of Worship (WoW) Class

This is a class for women of all ages and will focus on growing in our relationship with the Lord through Bible study and worship.  We invite single widowed, divorced & married women who come to church without their spouse.  We spend time praising our God by sharing what he has done in our lives and giving testimonies as we study His truths.                                                                                                            Leaders: Judith Joinville and Debbie Hassler

 Frontline Families Class

Helping families cope with issues in the home and everyday life.  Our class uses the Bible and group discussion topics focused on marriage, family, and Christian life.  As we openly share our life experiences, we are knit together into a class family that cares about one another.  We are a diverse group seeking to grow closer to God and our families while battling contemporary issues that challenge our home life.  Activities:  We fellowship throughout the year with various activities including Sunday breakfast, picnics, theme-night dinners, miniature golf, hayride & bonfire, and our annual progressive dinner.                                                                                                                                                                                       Class Leaders: Dave & Beth Piatt

  Walk by Faith

As a life group of “thirty and forty-somethings,” we share similar experiences of both our struggles and our blessings as we walk together by faith under God’s direction. We would love to have you join our discussions focusing on our Christian walk in all aspects of life as we encourage each other along the journey.                                                                                                                                                                                                       Leaders:  Matt and Jen Burrows

 Joint Venture - 2 as 1 Class

This class is directed toward recently-married couples, focusing on the fundamentals of faithful partnership.   Life Group Leaders John & Michelle Taylor

College & Career 

Our College & Career Life Group aims to provide college students, recent graduates, and singles in our area with an opportunity for fun, fellowship, and instruction.                                                                                                                                                                              Leaders: Mark & Melody Unruh

 Blaze Student Ministries

BLAZE (Believers Living A Zealous Existence) is for 6th through 12th graders and designed to help students engage with Christ and embrace their God-given mission of being His hands and feet in their community. Everyone is welcome, and the environment is one that embraces students just where they are. BLAZE Life Groups meet on Sunday mornings at 10:00 AM and Wednesday at 7:00pm.                                                                  Leaders:  Pat Fowler & Josh Trotter

 Children’s Ministry

We have an active Children's Ministry where your child will be attended by loving workers. They will have an integration of activities and Bible learning that is age appropriate. Music and worship is an integral part of their experience at First Baptist Church.  Infants & Toddlers - Nursery, 2yrs—Room 2,  Preschool (3's & 4's) - Room 5/ Kindergarten & 1st—Room 1, 2nd & 3rd—Room 4, 4th & 5th Grade - Room 5                                                        Leader: Steven Wilson