Dr. Clint Scott
Senior Pastor of FBCDE


Phone: 302-328-4000



I grew up on a farm in Denton, NC. Denton is your typical water tower town where everyone knows your name. Sports were a huge part of my childhood having played football from K-5 through my senior year. I was captain of my football team my senior year and look back on those days with great memories. God used my love for football to keep me out of trouble and involved in my local youth group. God used the ministry of Summerville Baptist Church in my life greatly. It was at Summerville where I came to know Jesus Christ in a personal way. It was also there that God called me to full time Christian ministry. My first sermon was preached to my graduating class at my high school graduation in May, 1990.



After graduating from South Davidson High School, my education resumed at Fruitland Baptist Bible Institute where I graduated with an Associate’s Degree in Church Ministry. In 1995 I enrolled in Wingate University and graduated with Bachelors Degree, August, 1997. In 1999 my studies began at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary where I would graduate in 2001 with a Master’s of Divinity and in 2007 with a Doctorate.

God has allowed me to pastor churches in South Carolina and North Carolina for 19 years. In November 2012 God called me to be the senior pastor of First Baptist Church. I have enjoyed my time here already with many people gloriously coming to know our Lord Jesus Christ personally.



Janet and I married in July of 1994.  We have had a wonderful life together serving our Lord in His ministry. I am thankful that God has given me a wife that seeks Him daily and loves me in spite of me. God has blessed our family with  Zachary, who is in heaven, and our two daughters, Jordan and Landace.